Five Reasons to Start Eating Wild Venison

Low fat. High protein. Ethically harvested. No hormones, antibiotics or other nasties. What else do you need to hear?

We started Discovered because we knew wild venison is an ethical and sustainable way to bring protein into our diets. What we didn’t know is that wild venison is also a game changer for our health!

We have saved you some time and done the research - check out our top five health reasons to start eating Australian wild venison.

1. Say goodbye to hormones and other chemicals

Every animal we procure is Discovered in the wild - living life as nature intended. That means no captivity, no live transport, no added hormones or chemicals - practices that unfortunately can be standard practice in the farming world. Let’s be honest, we don’t need those chemicals sitting on our dinner plates or inside our bodies!

2. Protein is important (and filling!)

Unless you’re a committed vegan/vegetarian with a keen understanding of plant proteins, you know what it is to crave that full feeling that comes only from real meat. Wild venison has more protein per gram than any other red meat on the market, leaving you fuller for longer - as well as providing you with many essential amino acids required for a healthy diet.

3. Low fat, happy heart

Red meats such as beef, pork or lamb are often high in saturated fats, with links to high blood cholesterol and heart disease. Wild venison is the leanest of all the red meats, and we reckon it’s a bit more satisfying than a dry chicken breast. As well as being great for gaining muscle or shedding a few pounds, wild venison is also thought to protect against heart disease and cancer. Basically, you don’t need to cut out red meat to keep a healthy heart - but you can be conscious about what meat you consume.

4. High in iron, high in results

Wild venison is incredibly rich in iron (even more so than beef) – a critical vitamin for keeping your body oxygenated and producing healthy hormones. Iron promotes healthy pregnancy, increased energy and better athletic performance. Sounds pretty good to us!

5. Full of the good fats

Omega-3 is known to be important in our cardiovascular health, as well as reducing the risk of blood clots. People commonly turn to seafood for their Omega-3’s, but we all know that globally fish populations are heavily threatened as is the health of the ocean. Factory farmed meats also do not make the cut with their levels of this precious fatty acid. As deer spend their lives grazing on fresh pasture they relatively high Omega-3 levels and can be a great alternative to seafood.

We understand making a change can be difficult. Luckily, wild venison is a great alternative which is good for you, environmentally friendly, and above all - delicious! By eating wild venison, you can eat consciously without compromising taste.

Check out our Shop to explore our range of wild venison. We have also put together a bunch of tried and tested recipes for you to give a go. You won’t regret it, we promise!

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