A Game Changer for our Carbon Footprint & Sustainable Eating

The word “sustainability” is thrown around a lot these days. Too often corporations use this word to greenwash their products - i.e. looking environmentally friendly through their branding or packaging, when in reality there isn’t much to show for it in terms of real impact or data.

That’s why we chose to work with the Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI) to independently verify why wild venison is one of the most sustainable protein choices available in Australia. CRI operates the NoCO2 Carbon Neutral Program – the longest running and market leading climate change certification program in Australia. CRI undertook a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of the Discovered supply chain in 2019, and the results were truly astounding.

Real meat, lower carbon footprint.

The analysis found Australian wild venison has up to 20 times less carbon emissions than non-regeneratively farmed Australian beef. Believe it or not, wild venison can also have up to 3 times less emissions than plant-based alternatives!

The reason is that wild venison requires very little added inputs to create a consumable protein source. Wild deer are an invasive species in Australia which diminish feed and water from wild habitat vs. the traditional farming model which requires land occupation, water consumption and other inputs. The carbon footprint of wild venison is mainly composed of the resources consumed through harvest and processing – the fuel used by our harvesters and the energy, water, and material consumption of our packing facility.

By choosing meat that has a low carbon footprint, you are actively working against climate change. Australian wild venison is an option that allows you to maintain a preference for meat while still having a positive impact on the environment.

Eat the problem.

The driving force behind Discovered has always been to turn a problem into a solution – recognising the value of the vast wild herds of invasives in Australia as a source of healthy protein rather than scourge which should be eliminated with culls or poisons at a huge cost to taxpayers, farmers and the environment.

We are in no way anti-beef or anti-vegetarian/vegan. We recognise that there are amazing farmers out there working holistically with livestock or crops to regenerate soil health. This form of regenerative farming can even sequester carbon and produce low or no carbon produce. However, until these practices become the norm in Australia, we feel we have a duty to shine a light on sustainable alternatives like wild venison that also support sustainable business models – helping farmers control invasives, providing regional employment, and conserving native habitat in the process.

Certified Carbon Neutral.

We are proud to have offset the small footprint we do have by becoming certified carbon neutral through the Carbon Reduction Institute NoCO2 program.

What exactly does it mean to be carbon neutral? Essentially, ensuring that the total sum of greenhouse gases put into and removed from the atmosphere balances out to zero. Any emissions created by Discovered Wildfoods are offset by purchasing credits in renewable projects validated by the Carbon Reduction Institute.

Make the change now.

We know it can feel like a big change to switch your eating habits. The good news is that Discovered Wildfoods has made it a whole lot easier for you. You can buy Australian wild venison direct from our online shop with free delivery across NSW, VIC, QLD and SA.

If you’ve never cooked with venison before never fear – we have a huge selection of ideas in the recipe section of the website to inspire your journey.

We’ve done the research for you – all you need to do is take the first step towards better choices for your health & the planet.

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