venison toasted sandwiches with dipping sauce

Corned Venison Silverside Reuben Sandwiches

A delicious, nutritious twist on the classic Rueben toastie. These lunch-time hits are packed full of fibre, B vitamins, probiotics, calcium, iron and protein.

Ingredients (serves six)


2 1⁄2 liter Water

300g Salt

240g Brown sugar

10 Allspice berries

5 Bay leaf

5g White pepper corn

3g Fennel seed

3g Coriander seed

6 Whole star anise

5 Cardamom pods

2 Cinnamon sticks

Pinch of ginger powder

1⁄2 Liter Malt vinegar

Reuben Sauce:

100g Fine dice dill pickle

1/2 White onion diced

200g Mayonnaise

200g Ketchup

50g Dijon mustard

15g Worcestershire

Pickling liquid:


300ml White vinegar

150ml White sugar

2 tbsp Ground wattleseed

1 Red beet sliced

1⁄2 White white cabbage thinly sliced


12 Slices rye bread

1 Knob of softened butter

1 Block of shredded smoked cheddar

1 Block of shredded gruyere

200g Finely shredded parmigiano reggiano cheese

400 grams pickled cabbage or sauerkraut

Sliced corned venison silverside

How to make it

  1. In a large pot bring all brine ingredients to a simmer for 5 minuets
  2. Poach silverside for 3 to 4 hours in equal parts water and brine until completely coverd
  3. Once soft but not falling apart, rest at room temperature for 1⁄2 hour before slicing
  4. Bring all pickling liquid ingredients to a boil and pour over sliced cabbage
  5. Cover cabbage and cool to room temperature or refrigerate for later use
  6. Combine all ingredients for the reuben sauce and set aside
  7. Butter top and bottom sides of bread and sprinkle and pat down parmigiano reggiano cheese into the butter
  8. Layer silverside, pickled cabbage and other cheeses between the bread
  9. Toast in a pan at medium to low heat until the cheese is melted and bread is golden brown
  10. Remove from pan and spoon in desired amount of sauce into the sandwich before slicing

stacked sandwiches on chopping board
slicing sandwich

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